It’s that time of year when we all need to start looking for that perfect gadget gift for that perfect dad and perfect grad.  We turned to our gadget guy and host of YouTube’s gadget game show “WHAT THE HECK IS THAT?” Steve Greenberg for some help— here’s what he’s found:

Urbanista Los Angeles headphones
 — are the world’s first self-charging solar-powered headphones on the market. Urbanista Los Angeles brings a rare leap in headphone technology innovation to the market with a product that is designed to revolutionize the listening experience. Users can experience virtually unlimited playtime with solar charging.

LuminAID Sunfox Solar Speaker — is a great summer accessory to accompany our lights on any summer day. It is a compact, waterproof solar speaker and it can float. This same company LuminAID has provided solar lanterns and phone chargers to people in need in more than 100 countries, including most recently, Ukraine. Learn more at  Sunfox Speaker $50

Bite Away® — One click is all it takes for relief.  The fear of getting an insect bite or sting shouldn’t keep you from enjoying the great outdoors.  Bite Away® is an FDA-cleared electronic medical device that uses the power and speed of heat to quickly relieve insect bites or stings. It’s effective on all those bugs bites that bother you: mosquitoes, wasps, bees, ants, sea lice, chiggers, and more. 

Calicle Cups — What’s an ice cream lover’s worst nightmare? Melting.  The mere thought of your delicious, creamy treat transforming into a soupy puddle is enough to devastate even the coldest ice cream lover. Fortunately, tragedies like this are now avoidable.  These cups – smart and stylish vacuum insulated bowls that keep your ice cream at the perfect consistency from first bite to last. No more meltdowns. 

Palo Alto Innovation’s Sandman Doppler — is a smart clock that brings organization and ease to daily routines. With Alexa built-in you can listen to music, play games or ask questions to help with homework. With six USB ports found on the back of the clock, you can charge multiple devices and get rid of that power strip next to the bed helping keep your nightstand clean.

Geneverse — (formerly Generark) offers peace of mind with portable, indoor-safe backup power solutions for your home. Power outages, fires, hurricanes, and other natural disasters are among the most common reasons consumers purchase a generator, but gas systems aren’t as safe, reliable, or versatile as high-powered battery units. Geneverse’s compact and solar-capable HomePower ONE offers up to 7 days of power supply to crucial devices in an emergency or whenever portable power is needed.