Ghost Hunting with JABA Paranormal Investigators

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ALTOONA, Pa. (WTAJ) — Did you know there are haunted places right here in Central Pennsylvania? JABA Personal Investigators have put many places in the region to the test. Lead Investigator, John Karle lists several places where the crew has hunted ghosts and spirits.

“We like to go in and find out if the activity is actually paranormal, maybe it’s being caused by old plumbing old wiring, it’ll cause people to have hallucinations, see things, get sick,” says Karle.

John says he was very skeptical of paranormal activity until he encountered something that changed him. “Back in 2013 we were invited up to Duffy’s Tavern in Boalsburg and there was a young spirit that they thought was a little girl. We found out it was a little boy who was hiding in the room and we would ask him to roll a flashlight back to us. We never heard him talk to us while we were there, but on the recording later we hear him saying ‘yeah’ and then he laughs and says ‘hahaha.’ When we told him that was awesome he says, ‘thank you,'” says Karle.

“I knew because there was no one else in that room and the recording was as clear as you and I talking,” says Karle.

JABA Paranormal Investigators will go into a home or facility to track paranormal activity free of charge.

John demonstrates some of the equipment that the organization uses for their investigations.

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