Experience a ‘barefoot’ massage at Revive Modern Massage in State College

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STATE COLLEGE, Pa. (WTAJ) — When you have moments of stress, tension, or if you’re in need of a recharge —you could consider putting your pain and worries into the hands of a professional. Revive Modern Massage specializes in a variety of massages, skincare and corrective exercises…all designed to help people feel like new again.

“Massage is amazing um there are so many benefits to receiving a massage it can help reduce your stress levels and your cortisol levels in your body it can increase your range of motion it can help with circulation,” says owner and licensed massage therapist, Alexa Krepp.

“When someone comes in and they have a problem I like to get my gears turning and I like to assess and I like being able to start to finish you know guide someone through some techniques that can be really beneficial,” says Krepp.

“It is not just a relaxation rub down that some people have in mind – it is definitely a corrective type therapy,” says co-owner, Sean Holt. A

And it’s easy to a break from the everyday hustle and bustle —when you take a step into their Waterfall Room.

“We have a 30-ft water feature that pours into the back of our space – and we use that space to create a beautiful and romantic environment for couples massages – um we’ve also hosted spa parties for there for you know friends who are getting together or bridal parties um it’s a lot of fun to go back there and just experience this beautiful sound of water just pouring into the space – it’s very relaxing,” says Krepp.

And if you’re really looking for a unique massage….they offer a technique that’s done by standing on your back and done using their feet. “Ashiatzu is a so ashi translates to foot and atzu translates to pressure so we have bars on the ceiling of the room and it’s a style of deep tissue massage from japan where we use uh the bars on the ceiling for stability and we use our feet to do the massage so it feels a little bit like you are surfing on the body or gliding along the body and the benefit of that is unlike a traditional deep tissue massage where you might be using your elbow or your knuckles to get in deep into an area, the foot is a wider surface area than the hand and so it doesn’t hurt as much to receive that deep pressure but it can be extremely effective.”

And with the holidays here, a massage would make the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one. “I think a lot of people are turning more towards experiences now than actual physical gifts and massage is such a wonderful way to tell someone that you care about them,” says Krepp.

But if your skin needs some love…they can help with that too. “As far as skincare we offer you know waxing services facial services microdermabrasion is a particularly nice um style exfoliation for the skin it can be used to treat discoloration it can be used to help with fine lines and wrinkles with acne scarring especially can be really helpful to smooth out the skin by just removing the first dead layers of it and allowing the collagen production to revamp.”

Alexa has formerly worked with performing crews like Cirque de Sole —where she met other members that are now on her team, like Sean.

“We have always enjoyed working with athletes and when we’re talking about professional athletes of this caliber um these people are fine tuned machines and uh really enjoy someone working on them in that manner where we’re helping them hone their skills – that need to be very precise,” says Holt.

Whether it’s working with an athlete for recovery or someone working to heal an injury —they’re ready to help you take steps to feel better.

“I love helping people um when people come in they’re really excited to be here because they know that they’re going to walk out feeling better than when they arrived – and to me that’s really rewarding,” says Krepp.

Revive Modern Massage is located at ​​311 S Allen St. Suite 003 in State College.

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