ALTOONA, Pa. (WTAJ) — Let’s be honest — weight loss is an issue that many people struggle with. Whether it’s through diet – or exercise – shedding pounds can be tricky.

The experts at Everest Medical Weight Loss have a new way to help you lose some pounds and inches – it’s a program called ‘UltraSlim.’

“It’s cutting edge technology – red light therapy and its just at the right wavelength that it actually melts down that fat and so people can see results instantly,” says Owner, Alan Kanouff.

Owner Alan Kanouff has been working as a Pulmonologist and Sleep Specialist for 12 years in Central PA. He says a lot of the issues that people struggle with are due to extra weight. “In this profession, I see a lot of patients where they main issues why they’re coming to see me for is their weight they’re coming to see me because they’re short of breath they’re coming to see me because they have sleep apnea but no one is really addressing that weight issue,” says Kanouff.

Which is why he and his wife created a clinic to help people get the results they want. “I really wanted to build a center that somebody could come to and be treated medically not just with a fad diet or some other quick scheme just to lose weight quickly and it doesn’t stay off we wanted to do something that actually worked and it makes a difference for that patient’s life,” says Kanouff.

“One size does not fit all in weight loss. So just because one person comes in you know they might not like certain foods or same thing with working out maybe they need more on one part of the body versus the next,” says Amy Constable.

Amy Constable is a Nurse Practioner at the facility. She works with patients to create the right path for a healthier lifestyle. “Well if you think about it your weight fluctuates throughout your life when for example we have babies you know hormones um and you don’t want to be overweight because in the grand scheme of things you can it can put you in place for a lot of comorbidities,” says Amy Constable.

The clinic says UltraSlim is simple and non-invasive. “The first thing we do is we measure them so we have accurate measurements to see how much they lose we take pictures and basically they just lay under the light and we do four different positions it’s eight minute each position so the actual time under the light is only 32 minutes in that most patients will lose at least two inches,” says Kanouff.

So what exactly is happening under that light? “With this what it actually does is is it forces that cell to push that fat out of the cell and then that fat is absorbed by our body’s metabolized through the liver and we excrete it in our urine and our waste,” says Kanouff.

And Alan says if you don’t see results, you’re guaranteed your money back.

Everest Medical Weight Loss is located at 5822 6th Ave in Altoona. Call (814) 283-4655 or visit their website for more information.

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