CUTE! “Bearflix” streaming helps raise money for orphaned cubs

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When traditional binge-watching becomes boring, there is Bearflix: an unusual streaming service that aims to support orphaned bear cubs in Romania.

The unconventional fundraising project was launched by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) to raise money for the donation-dependant Bear Again Rehabilitation Centre in the heart of the Hasmas Mountains in central Romania.

The platform resembles a regular streaming service, as by paying a fee of five to 20 dollars per month, donors can watch episodes presenting the daily life of the bear cubs.

The streaming service has already produced videos in four different categories from Bearflix Originals to Comedy Club, with episodes like ‘Teddy Bear Pope’ and ‘How to Feel at Home in Ten Days.’

Apart from sharing success stories of the rehabilitated cubs, Bearflix also aims to educate public on the behaviour and biology of brown bears, WWF digital fundraising coordinator Alina Moldovan said.

The orphanage, which WWF says is the only one of its kind in Europe, has rescued and rehabilitated over 150 bears since it was founded in 2004.

The bear cubs are provided with food and shelter in a two-year program after which they are released back into their natural habitat.

Romania has the largest bear population in Europe with over 7000 bears, according to the Four Paws, an animal welfare organization.

Earlier this year Four Paws, WWF and other animal activist groups successfully lobbied the Romanian government not to remove limits on the numbers of bears that could be hunted annually from proposed legislation.

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