BLAIR COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — Kelsi Bergmann from OM Crystal Jewelry in Hollidaysburg is known for her knowledge of crystals and her handmade bracelets, but perhaps what’s taking off even more is her calm reactions to haters online.

Bergmann has over 220-thousand followers on the social media app TikTok under the username BigSexy81. The content ranges from fun moments with her mom, Kelly Reese, in their shop to Kelsi’s responses to people who leave negative, bullying comments on her page.

“I got a lot of hate, and that’s when I started to get a following. I would reply being very calm and mellow.”

Bergmann is the owner and proprietor of OM Crystal Jewelry and has been following in her mother Kelly Reese’s footsteps. Reese has been a natural medicine enthusiast for over 30 years, and is also a registered nurse where she has been caring for others for over 15 years. The dynamic mother-daughter duo strives “to enlighten others with [their] crystals and most importantly love!”

Bergmann says “I started doing TikTok to make people happy — lift depression, anxiety, just help them through their days.”

She says she has received hateful, mean comments her whole life. “Being 6’5” and not looking the ‘norm’ I’ve been getting hate the majority of my life so I use this platform to help educate and bring awareness to people that are struggling with being bullied online.”

Kelsi sits down with Studio 814’s Rebecca Petner to talk about her inspiration and choosing “love and light” over hate on a daily basis.

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