ALTOONA, Pa. (WTAJ) — Evan Kephart from Prophet’s Melt Shop stops by the 814 Kitchen to show us how he makes some of the shop’s delicious gourmet sanwiches. “The Angry Mikey,” inspired by a customer is made up of two cheeses (marble and pepper jack) ham, bacon, and hot sauce. It’s all melted together on the grill on top of a thick slice of sourdough bread.

Studio 814’s Rebecca Petner joints Kephart in the kitchen to chat about the sandwiches and how important it is for him to provide the community with great food. One woman in the 814, Jude Forshey, bought one of each menu item in a single day!

According to Kephart, “The Golden Calf” is so good, you won’t want to stop eating it! It’s made with roast beef, sauteed onions, and ooey-gooey cheddar cheese.

Kephart, who also works in ministry at Penn State University says: “My faith is a huge part of what I do over at the shop. I firmly believe that God loves good food so we want to serve people good food.”

When asked how his sandwich “The Golden Calf” got his name, Kephart gave us a look back at the Bible: “If you look at the Old Testament, there’s this point in the story where God has his people and their doing their thing. And then they don’t hear from him in a while so they decide to make a golden calf so they can worship it. So you gotta be careful with this [sandwich] because you might end up worshipping this one if you don’t watch yourself.”

Prophet’s Melt Shop is located in downtown Altoona in the Altoona Transportation Center. The exact location is 1231 11th Avenue in Altoona, Pa.

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