14-year-old PA girl wins $25K for her idea that solves the issue of “blind spots” while driving

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A 14-year-old from West Grove, Pennsylvania has come up with an idea to eliminate a car’s blind spots. 

Alaina Gassler said she was motivated after finding out her mom didn’t like driving their family’s Jeep Grand Cherokee because of its “A-pillars” caused blind spots.

A-pillars support a vehicle’s windshield and provide protection in case of a crash, but their size and angle also create blind spots.

Gassler’s prototype uses a webcam, projector, 3D printed adapter and retro-reflective fabric to make a car’s A-pillars essentially invisible.

She won $25,000 in a nationwide science competition for her invention and said she hopes to make her prototype more unique. Gassler plans to patent the design, and submit the idea to automotive companies like Tesla.

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