SOMERSET, Pa. (WTAJ) — The Somerset Historical Center is known for its displays of agriculture and industry of the county through the years. But the center has a special exhibit in town till mid September.

“The Heinz exhibit talks about the history of western Pennsylvania during the war, so they use life like manicans, some audio, visual components, to tell the story of soldiers that were fighting in the war from western Pennsylvania.”

Jake Miller, Curator, Somerset Historical Center

In conjunction with the Turkey Foot historical society and the Somerset County historical society, the center has a World War II exhibit, and specifically honed in on soldiers from Somerset that fought in the war.

“We’re highlighting some stories of soldiers in the area, particularly the Harned family where there is five brothers who all served in the war and then went on to take advantage of the GI Bill and used that service to learn new trades and find a way to provide for them selves,” Jake added.

What impressed Jake most about the war effort was how the agricultural and mining aspects of Somerset were able to pitch in outside of soldiers enlisting.

“It was doing what you could here at home, through rationing, metal drives, scrap drives, through putting portions of your production into the war effort, like I said coal mining and agriculture.”