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Summer Road Adventure

WOODWARD, CENTRE COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — State College houses the largest university in Pennsylvania and is easily the biggest city in Centre County. But just 45 minutes down the road…

“We host around 10 different disciplines with cheer, gymnastics, parkour, we have free running, bmx, skateboard, scootering, we have digital media and photography.”

Richie Velasquez, Marketing and Content Director, Woodward Camp

Woodward Camp has it all. From the Outside, it looks like a normal camp, but on the inside, there are extraordinary facilities.

So much so that the camp brings in high profile athletes regularly to interact with the camp kids.

“We get a lot of high end athletes coming here, so that interaction between the athletes and the campers is important for us because that’s what the kids are here for, to train, to meet some great athletes, meet some pros and to ultimately have the time of their life,” Richie added.

And they’re not satisfied with where they are. With the 50th year of the camp coming next year, Woodward camp have plans to expand on their 500 acre property.

“As the 50th comes up, we’re doing bigger and better things, that’s what we’re all about is growth in facility, growth in kids, growing together.”

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