Mountaineer Search and Rescue

Summer Road Adventure

EMPORIUM, CAMERON COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) – A search and rescue team in Cameron County is helping bring a community together.

Teams from Mountaineer Search and Rescue typically search for missing hikers and children, but sometimes, they are looking for something bigger.

“We’ve found criminals, helped work with the police and we’ve found runaways. Probably the most unusual one that I’ve been on is we found a surveyor that got lost,” says Craig Hudson.

After arriving onto a scene of a missing person, manager Bill Smith says the initial process is simple.

It’s a whole lot easier to find you when you’re sitting down then when you’re walking. They’ll walk out of the search area and that’s when we got to start picking their brain to what’s going on.”

Even though teams work around the clock, Hudson says it can be a tiring but rewarding job.

“Something you get to enjoy especially when you find you’ve actually saved somebody from dying.”

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