PUNXSUTAWNEY, Pa. (WTAJ) — It was a rough season last year for Punxsutawney with only a 2-7 record, but they had a really young roster that showed potential.

The Chucks feel they were neck and neck with their opponents throughout the first half of their games, but in most of their losses the wheels fell off after halftime and they ended up losing by multiple scores. Head Coach Alan Nichol feels that having 15 returning starters is helping the maturity of the roster and that will be able to translate some of those losses into wins.

“I think each week as we focus on the next team we make sure we get better Tuesday and Wednesday and then execute on Friday night,” said Nichol. “I think that’s the major difference of a team that’s 2-7 with three or four possible wins and a team that gets over the hump and becomes a playoff team.”

“Some of the kids just think when we’re down by a touchdown and think it’s like 100 points,” said senior Quinton Voelkel. “It’s just one touchdown. You can change that with one play on offense or defense.”

The Chucks will look to play the full 48 minutes each games this season to try and improve upon the 33 points allowed per game last season. They will open the season at home against Bradford.