SportsBeat Recap Week 4


Top plays:

4. First up! Shade Panther’s Brady Fyfe going deep! Tyler Valine on the receiving end on this beauty! Panthers win this one 32-13

3. Brockway’s Jon Wood catches the swing pass,  finds his opening, and wait for it….putting on the spin move!
 Brockway wins 28-6

2. West Branch’s Ayden Gutierrez drops back and throws it up, down the sideline and Josh Cantolina dives while keeping a foot in bounds. Way to drag the foot young man! 
Warriors win 34-14  

 Play of the week:

1. Juniata Valley’s Kyle Derugen with the full extension catch over his head and has the presence of mind to do a little toe tap! One more time, Kyle Derugen, you just won the play of the week!

Of course plenty to choose from inside the lines, but lets take it into the stands and show off week 4’s top fans!! 

1. First up, let’s show some love for the band! Check out the Central Dragons’ twirler with the focus! 

2. Jordan loves Juniata Valley, but the hornet scares him a little….

3. West Branch band getting the crowd going! 

4. Dance moves from the Bellwood Blue Devil Band! 

5. Another JV Hornet sighting…..

6 It’s a neon glow party in Huntingdon! Let’s (glow?) Cats! Love it! 
Each week we bring you the fan or fans of the week brought to you by Five Star Mitsubishi Altoona

This week’s winner was a no-brainer! Check this lady out from Glendale!

That’s a recap on all the fun from Friday! Catch Jack Wascher and Jordan Tracy giving you all the best highlights in Central PA, Fridays at 11:10pm. Send us your favorite moments on FaceBook at WTAJ-TV. 

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