EBENSBURG, Pa. (WTAJ) — It’s a fresh start for Central Cambria football. The Red Devils welcome first-year head coach Don Fyfe.

He takes over a struggling Central Cambria program that has gone a disappointing 10-37 over the last five seasons.

Fyfe says his offense is throw first, run second, a reversal from Central Cambria’s previous system.

The Red Devils lost 17 seniors from last season, and will only have six returning starters.

“The biggest thing, the problem I have is learning everybody’s names,” said Fyfe. “You know, we have like 40 or 50 guys and, you know, just getting to know their names and, you know, put in the names with the face has been tough. But, you know, we’re finally getting there.”

“It’s been really has been really smooth,” said Nola Wyrwas, a senior wide receiver and defensive back. “I mean, at first we thought it’d be rough coming in, but it came out really smooth.”

Fyfe will makes his Red Devil coaching debut on the road, as Central Cambria travels to Westmont Hilltop for Week 1.