Sportsbeat game of the week: Bald Eagle vs. Central


SCORE: Central leads 33-9 over Bald Eagle.

FIRST QUARTER: Central scores early with a pass from Jeff Hoenstine to Hunter Smith. Kick is complete and Central leads 7-0 with 10:36 remaining.

Bald Eagle is forced to punt both times that they gained possession.

Hoenstine’s pass to #5 Devon Boyles is complete. Central at the 25-yard line with 4:07 left in the first quarter.

Hoenstine passes to Klotz who gets it inside the one. Central walks it into the endzone in the next play with a complete kick, bringing the score 14-0 Central.

SECOND QUARTER: Bald Eagle punts on 4th down. Central will start around their 10-yard line with 9:00 remaining.

Central throws the snap over the head of their quarterback. They recover in the endzone, giving Bald Eagle two points. Central leads 14-2.

Bald Eagle’s Garrett Burns has a pass to Owen Irvin at 3rd and 12, bringing Irvin a few yards away from the endzone. Burns’ pass incomplete at 3rd and 5. Bald Eagle led to 4th and 5. Timeout Bald Eagle with 5:27 remaining.

Hoenstine runs the ball into the endzone. A holding penalty places them with a 10-yard penalty at the 34. Following the penalty, a pass to Josh Beisinger receives a complete pass and makes it to the endzone, with another holding call on the offense. 2:56 remaining.

Hoenstine runs the ball to the 30. 3rd down and 16 for Central with 2:17 remaining. Central makes it to 4th and 6 at the 21-yard line, but pass is incomplete. Bald Eagle regains possession and Burns runs it to the 23. Time out for Central. 53 seconds remaining.

Burns’ pass to Hayden Vaughn is incomplete with 48 seconds remaining.

Central scores with 21 seconds remaining with a touchdown by Demetrious Harbaugh. Central leads 21-2.

THIRD QUARTER: Bald Eagle starts with possession, gaining little ground. Central takes over in a turn of downs, scoring and extending their lead 27-2.

Owen Irvin intercepts a pass from Central. Bald Eagle gets the ball at the 18-yard line but ends up going 4th and 12 before punting to the 47-yard line.

.Pass complete to Ethan Eicher for a touchdown. Central extends their lead to 33-2 after the PAT is no good. 3:06 remaining in the third.

FOURTH QUARTER: Bald Eagle scores late in the fourth with their first touchdown of the game and a final score of 33-9.

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