Senior Spotlight: Kuhns’ making most of his second chance at life


ALTOONA, PA. (WTAJ) – Right now, Brendan Kuhns should be playing baseball.

“It really sucks honestly. You always look forward to your senior year of baseball, that’s just your year,” Kuhns said.

The baseball diamond, an arena for him to shine.

“Baseball was just my place to go,” Kuhns said.

Until it almost was taken from him.

“I shouldn’t have even been alive, like I have no idea that was possible,” Kuhns said.

In March of 2018, Brendan was playing varsity baseball for the Altoona Mountain Lions.

“We were four days away from Virginia, where we take our annual baseball trip,” Kuhns said.

Kuhns was on his way to his dad’s house after practice.

“I remember putting my bat bag in the trunk and that’s the last thing I remember,” Kuhns said.

Brendan would get in a car accident, his vehicle rolling multiple times.

“Couldn’t really move that well, everything was blurry,” Kuhns said.

“It was probably the worst feeling a parent could endure,” Jen Kuhns, Brendan’s mom, said.

Brendan broke three bones in his left arm, fractured his orbital bone, his collarbone, lacerated his spleen and kidney.

“That was the worst time of my life. I was really scared I was never going to be able to play baseball again,” Brendan said.

But you could say divine intervention helped him.

“The surgeon came out and knew Brendan from travel baseball and said he didn’t intentionally put the pickline in his clavicle because he knew it was his throwing arm which made us chuckle but it was really surreal,” Jen Kuhns said.

After missing his entire sophomores season, Brendan finally found the field.

“That was the best feeling I’ve had in a long time I was so happy. Just having that type of moment to know like you’re back to where you were, you made it,” Brendan said.

Brendan Kuhns survived a horrible accident, his scars tell only part of the story.

“He says mom they’re so ugly, but that’s a part of who he is now. He’s come so far,” Jen Kuhns said.

Now, he waits for one last time to shine on the diamond.

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