James Franklin will separate from family during football season due to COVID-19 concerns

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(WTAJ) — James Franklin revealed his wife and daughters will stay in Florida this season due to coronavirus concerns.

Coach Franklin was one of many coaches and administrators interviewed for an episode of HBO’s Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel. Franklin revealed he would spend the season isolated from his family to avoid transmitting COVID-19 to his youngest daughter Addison. Addison has sickle cell disease.

You can read the entire exchange between Gumbel and Franklin included in Tuesday’s episode of Real Sports:

James Franklin:
“I have two daughters. My one youngest daughter has sickle-cell disease. It has changed the dynamics of my family. My wife and kids are going to stay in Florida for the season. And I am going to be in Happy Valley because that’s what we think is the right thing to do with my daughter with sickle-cell.”

Bryant Gumbel:
“For you, the cost of coaching during a pandemic is you’re going to be absent from your family for half of a year?”

James Franklin:

James Franklin:
“There was a lot of tears. There was a lot of emotion. Having this conversation with my daughters. So, there was a lot of heartache over it.”

Coach Franklin and the Penn State football team were also featured on another HBO show 24/7 College Football in the fall. The show followed the Nittany Lions during the week leading up to the homecoming win against Purdue.

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