Penn State ‘TV Guy’ wins the hearts of Nittany Nation

Nittany Nation

(WTAJ) — Penn State is known for having a large fan base filled with loyalty and tradition. A new tradition recently started at the Bryce Jordan Center is giving one student the opportunity to build his own brand while gifting other fans with a flat screen TV.

“Your job is to hand out the TV’s,” said athletic marketing director PJ Mullen to then sophomore Ethan Cook. “Now I don’t care you do it, you just have to milk it!”

Cook did such a great job at the fill-the-forum event, Mullen told him he would be handing out a TV at every home basketball game. Cook won his on TV freshman year.

On game-days at the Bryce Jordan Center, you’ve probably seen PSU ‘TV Guy’ in a full on uniform. He wears it every game. With eight minutes left in the second half of the basketball game, Ethan grabs a TV and quickly runs behind a curtain until a stage manager tells him to come out.

After the intro for PSU ‘TV Guy’ is played on the jumbotron, Ethan sprints on to the court, looking for a student showing the most pride. Cook said he gets to personally pick a student each game.

But there’s a lot more behind ‘TV Guy’ that meets the eye.

Cook was born prematurely. He arrived six weeks early. When he was born, his heart stopped but a doctor was able to bring him back to life. Cook was also born with bilateral cleft feet. Cook said he wasn’t going to be able to walk correctly unless he had corrective surgery. He had to wear multiple braces when he was younger to help correct the way he walked. Cook also shared that he has Autism and ADHD.

Now, Cook is a healthy 20-year-old at Penn State and is an inspiring football analyst.

“It’s still surreal to me,” Cook said.

He was granted his own credential by Head basketball Coach Patrick Chambers to get into the games earlier than most students.

“I never thought I would develop the relationship, that I have with Coach Chambers to this day,” Cook said.

So if you see PSU ‘TV Guy’ at the Bryce Jordan Center, make sure to say hello and give him a follow on Twitter @PSUTVguy

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