UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. (WTAJ)– Stephen Campbell is a Penn State student majoring in Turf Grass Science, which made the opportunity to paint the Nittany Lions endzone at the Outback Bowl against Arkansas a dream come true.

Campbell has interned for multiple NFL teams and the journey to getting to the Outback Bowl started by reaching out to a connection he made as an intern with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

“I didn’t hear anything back for a week. It was kind of like alright because I heard the rumor going around that Penn State was going to be in Tampa so Tampa is like my second city as I like to call it because I’m from the Pittsburgh area,” said Campbell. “So we ended up going down with Nittanyville and a couple of my buddies and it was kind of a planned trip.”

Campbell had to show up at 7:00 am to get started mixing paints together. The endeavor would take hours and it wasn’t all smooth sailing while spraying.

“The painter blew up on me and my boss and we were covered in red from trying to mix it and prime the painter and he ended up having pink hair. It was kind of a funny situation,” Campbell said. “I kind of was joking with him you know we exterminated all the razorbacks before Penn State had to come in.”

Campbell and his friends sat in the student section during the game, which gave them a prime view of all the action taking place in the Penn State endzone.

“We had Nick Tarburton’s parents sitting next to us so that was kind of cool. We’re just sitting there and we’re like hey they’re doing that in our E that I painted or something like that so it was really cool honestly. Then when they scored, KeAndre Lambert-Smith scored that touchdown I was like hey he scored on my end or whatever it was.”

Campbell says the game and his experience is just the cherry on top of a great week in Florida.

“It was just really cool to go down there and have New Year’s Eve on the beach and be with all my buddies from Nittanyville.”

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