Penn State Men’s Soccer Laundree’s motor is unmatched

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UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. (WTAJ) – There’s nothing normal about Adam Laundree’s life.

“I like to keep it interesting,” Laundree said.
Laundree came to Penn State in 2018, but soccer was the furthest thing from his mind.

“I was sitting in class, didn’t really think about playing soccer and I got a text from an assistant coach asking if I wanted to try out after winter break,” Laundree said.
One problem, Adam hadn’t touched a soccer ball in close to a year

“I wish I hadn’t heard that,” Penn State Men’s Soccer Coach Jeff Cook said jokingly.

So, Adam tried out.

“The first day, it was weird playing soccer again,” Laundree said.

Then waited all summer for the call.

“I was on my way to work and he called me in the car and I answered it and he’s like, ‘Hey do you want a spot on the Men’s Soccer team?’ And my first reaction was like, “Are you kidding? Are you joking? And he’s like yes, there’s a spot, and I’m like yes 100%,” Laundree said.

From regular student to D-1 athlete, Adam’s life changed.

“Looking up at the stands and realizing I was one of those fans last year,” Laundree said.

But it created more chaos in his life.

At 5 am most days, Laundree is up and about, not training on the soccer field, but inside Penn State’s Multi-Sport Facility.

“I lost like 10 pounds from running everyday, trying to sleep as much as I could when I got the chance but definitely that aspect of it getting up early and trying to stay motivated for the rest of the day,” Laundree said.

Laundree is in ROTC, a drive fueled by his father.

“A lot of it comes from my dad being in the military. I think it’s a really good thing to do as well, a way to help people, a way to solve some problems,” Laundree said.

So, on any given day, Laundree’s day begins at 5 am for ROTC training, to ROTC class, he gets in a quick nap, then regular class, then soccer practice, then homework, and then do it all again the next day.

“Last year was a lot more Netflix and a lot more goofing off and this year is a lot more focused,” Laundree said.

Focused on living out his dream.

“Everyday when I’m practicing, if we’re going to a game, we’re on an away trip, I get a free meal, I’m smiling, I’m loving it, it’s awesome,” Laundree said.

A unique player with an almost unbelievable story.

“If you had told me my second year coaching, our starting right back was going to be some walk-on who also does ROTC, I would’ve thought you were crazy,” Cook said.

A perfect way to describe this anything but normal Nittany Lion.

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