Pat Chambers Weighs in on Mike Watkins Situation During PSU Men’s Baksetball Media Day

Nittany Nation

According to court documents — Redshirt junior forward Mike Watkins was cited for disorderly conduct that took place in late September … it’s Watkins’ second citation this year after getting cited for possession of drug paraphernalia in June.
coach chambers briefly addressed the situation and this is what he had to say when he was asked about Watkins who is from Philadelphia…

“We gotta let this play out — let due process play out but I will address this — do you know where Mike is from? Yeah. Where is he from? Philadelphia. You ever been there? Yes.And what do you think? Have you been where he lives? Okay, we’re trying to help and guide — we’re trying to give a kid a chance let us do our due diligence…..let us give a kid a chance if not he’s going to wind up back on the street,” Chambers said at Media Day. 


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