James Franklin stands by failed fake field goal attempt

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In Penn State’s 21-17 loss to Michigan on Saturday, they left many points on the board, most notably only netting a field goal after forcing a fumble at the 16 yard line late in the fourth quarter and the failed fake field goal in the first quarter.

Head Coach James Franklin said after the game that calling the fake was their way of going for it on fourth down. The Nittany Lions have struggled in short yardage situations and near the goal line. You only have to go back to the Illinois game where Penn State only found the endzone one time in seven attempts from the two yard line in overtime.

Franklin however says he had no regrets over the failed fake and he would make the call again.

“It felt like we had the look we wanted, but it’s about details,” said Franklin. “We threw the ball to the back hip. Jordan is not the kind of guy that’s going to be able to catch a ball that’s thrown behind him and still be able to out run the defense. We just gotta clean it up. The margin of error is really small. Obviously we’re playing a lot of really good teams.”

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