STATE COLLEGE, Pa. (WTAJ)– The Everett Warriors’ storybook ending ended on a ninth inning walk-off , securing their first state baseball championship in school history.  

“I went up to the plate knowing that I had to get my boys home,” said Everett senior Jadin Zinn, who delivered the game winning hit. “We had a runner at first and second. I got I was supposed to bunt, my coach gave me the bunt signal and he gave it to me the whole way through my batting. I heard my teammates yelling at me, they were saying, ‘come on Zinn, hit!’ And that’s the only thing that’s in my mind the whole time, and I knew I had to get him home, so I just gave it my best shot.” 

“I see it get through, so I’m down here,” said head coach Travis Klahare.  “I almost beat him to the plate maybe. Just waiving him through. It was awesome.” 

The Warriors are no enemy to the dramatics of extra innings as three of their four state playoff games ended in this fashion.  

Successful pitching is part of what fueled Everett’s success, as this is their second consecutive game where the final score read 1 – 0.  

“My curveball was working,” said pitcher Calvin Isminger. “My changeup was working, and I can’t say enough about my catcher calling the game and my seven guys behind me making plays day in and day out. They did awesome for me, and I can’t thank them enough.” 

Both teams totaled nine hits– Isminger allowed one hit through the eight innings he was on the mound. This title is the first baseball title in school history and the second sport to win a state title.  

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