SOMERSET COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — Turkeyfoot Valley eighth grader Luke Bowers is bringing an extra flair to live streamed sports.

Because of the pandemic, many schools have turned to live streaming their sports so that parents and fans can still see their students compete. Most streams however, are normally capturing some of the background noise and (in the case of basketball) squeaky sneakers. That’s where Bowers stepped in.

The Turkeyfoot eighth grader competes in multiple sports, helps coach others, and now added broadcasting to his resume. Bowers explains, “I love being around sports in general. So, I try and take advantage of any opportunity I can so this was just another chance to be around the game.”

Bowers provides play-by-play for varsity basketball games on the school districts YouTube channel. His knowledge and ability has impressed the community. Head Basketball Coach Erick Swank says,” 8th grade, and do this? It’s really a close to professional broadcast. It really is. It’s unbelievable how good it really is.”

“You can walk into local establishments around town and they are watching the Turkeyfoot game and broadcast on YoutTube by Luke and they think it’s great. It’s amazing,” says Athletic Director Amanda Younkin.

Bowers spends multiple hours preparing spotting boards for his broadcast that includes player names, stats, and team facts. He explains, “When you’re preparing, the little things can make a big difference. It’s a big part, you know, of having a successful broadcast when I go on air and make sure that the fans and everyone watching has a good experience.”

Other teams and even other schools have asked for his services. The plan is to broadcast varsity baseball in the spring for Turkeyfoot.

While he’ll continue to pursue broadcasting and a college education, Bowers’ ultimate dream is to become and MLB umpire.