CENTRE COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — The new name, image, and likeness (NIL) ruling allows student-athletes to capitalize on their talents and earn money through partnerships, sponsorships, and more.

Penn State Quarterback Sean Clifford launched his own NIL agency, Limitless NIL, to represent athletes through brand deals. Their slogan is ‘for the player, by a player.’

“I believe that where NIL is heading there needs to be very strict direction,” said Clifford.

Currently, the Limitless roster includes clients from Penn State University, Georgia Tech, and The University of Kentucky.

“It could really be a life-changer for everybody, so I want to be that light, and that older guy to really give everybody a little extra experience on it,” said Clifford.

Penn State Women’s Basketball Forward Anna Camden is his first female client.

“After I heard their pitch and got to sit down with their team and got to know them all, it was impossible to turn down,” said Camden. “I love that they’re Penn State built. They fully understand the schedules of a student-athlete and how difficult it can be to manage.”

Camden said, for her, NIL is about creating meaningful relationships that further community engagement online and offline.

“Building my following, building my authenticity that I’m portraying on my channels, that’s really, really important to me,” said Camden. “I don’t ever want to become money-obsessed where I’m just doing it all for the money because that’s not me, and it’s never been.”

Some may know Camden from her social media platforms. She’s racked up 236.3K followers on TikTok and 14.1K on Instagram.

“The Penn State community is just amazing. They’re so warm and welcoming and they entirely embrace my social media presence and me as a Lady Lion on the team,” said Camden. “I’m just thankful for it.” 

One of Camden’s first deals includes “The Camden Bowl” at Roots Natural Kitchen in Downtown State College.

“My Roots bowl is like my favorite combination of the ingredients that they offer,” said Camden.

“This is our first time ever launching an athlete inspired bowl,” said Larissa Caballero, director of advertising for Roots Natural Kitchen.

Roots said they’re proud to represent a female athlete who values a healthy lifestyle.

“We actually talked when we were there for her launch party, about how important she feels that it is to represent food and the importance of eating at her own pace because she has so many young athletes, young girls, looking up to her,” said Cabellero.

Moving forward on the court and with Limitless NIL, Camden said she’s excited for more opportunities that reflect her values and further her career.