ALTOONA, Pa. (WTAJ) — With a 9-6 win over New Hampshire on Sunday, the Curve celebrated the midpoint of the season with their 33rd victory. This year the minors is under a bit of a microscope as Major League Baseball tests out new rules that are scheduled to move to The Show next spring.

The pitch clock has shortened games on average of 25 minutes which has been the most noticeable change, though larger bases have helped contribute to fewer injuries and more offense. The banning of the shift will also be apart of the future.

Earlier this month WTAJ spoke with former Pirates Manager Clint Hurdle about the new rules. Hurdle currently works in the front office with the Colorado Rockies and he says he’s a big fan of how the rules are changing the game’s future.

“I’m watching the shot clock. It’s doing wonderful things for the game at the minor league level. I’m watching the pitchers utilize it to leverage hitters. I’m watching base stealers utilize it to get them to throw over,” said Hurdle. “The big base thing I don’t know, I’m not running the bases. I guess it makes sense. I’ll never be a fan of the ghost runner, but I get it. Our game is trying to cater to the people who are coming out. You can’t hold onto my generation.”

Hurdle did add that he’s very happy being back with the Rockies organization and if a team comes calling this offseason he doesn’t see himself putting on the uniform again.