EVERETT, Pa. (WTAJ) — The state baseball and softball championships are a week away and our communities are rallying behind their their teams, but Everett is getting support that was nearly 40 years in the making as history is in the air.

“We made the playoffs just about every year, but we never won that District title.” said Head Coach Travis Klahre. “And obviously you gotta win the District in order to get to the state playoffs.”

Everett finished the regular season 16-2 and won the District Five Championship to advance to the state tournament. Their walkoff win over Portage on Monday was their first state playoff win since 1983.

“You’re a kid. You’re in you’re in our gym up there at the high school. You look at the years on the banners and you think to yourself, Man, I want to be up there,” said senior Calvin Imsinger. “And we knew coming into the season that we had a real good shot of doing something special with with our group of guys.”

After the upset win over Portage, the Warriors won their quarterfinal matchup and now now one win away from going to the program’s first title game, something the players dreamt about since their early years.

“The banners in the school gym with the years back then and you’re like man, we wanna put one up there so we can point up there and say hey that was our year,” senior Trenten Mellott said. “We did this, we did that.”

The historical run has earned the backing of the entire community now as Everett rallies behind the team.

“You see guys walking around in Everett that played on that team and they come up and tell us, ‘hey do what we did and take it further, do what we couldn’t’ and that just makes us wanna go out there and follow their order, Imsinger said. “We just wanna get out there and win.”

Each win for Everett in the state playoffs came in walkoff fashion, including Karson Reffner hitting a walkoff grand slam to punch their ticket to the semi-finals, which is the deepest run in program history.