“I just like to score. That’s my game I would say.”

Last year, as a high school senior, Jessica Kovatch couldn’t buy a division one basketball scholarship. But Saint Francis offered, thinking she might fit into their fast paced offense.

“I was offered a lot of D-2 schools but I was like, I kinda want to play D1 and when I got this offer, and I learned about their style of play, I was like this sounds perfect for me,” Kovatch says.

Kovatch came in to a young team where a lot of freshmen would be called upon to perform. So she didn’t know how much action she was going to see.

“I was hoping to play but I did not know I was going to start and actually have a lot of minutes. I was just gonna be lucky to get on the court.”

But Kovatch got her chance, and since then, she’s done nothing but impress. Not only is she the 10-time reigning conference Rookie of the Week- she leads all freshman in the NCAA in scoring.

“When they gave me the opportunity to start and play the game how I want to play, it was a real blessing.”

As the awards and national recognition continue to pour in, Kovatch is enjoying it, but also focusing on the bigger picture: her team.

“It’s just so shocking. I’m shocking myself. I’m getting all these congratulations. It’s not something that I’m like, oh I need to get it again. I just play.”