Curve prepare for cold opener


With temperatures expected to barely break 40 for Opening Day Thursday, it’ll be a shock to the system for many Altoona Curve players. It won’t be the coldest Opening Day in the Curve’s 20 year history, and a bag of mixed reactions from the players in anticipation of the cold.

“People got up here and say, it’s cold and it’s 48 degrees and I’m like no this isn’t cold. They haven’t experienced cold till it’s 12 degrees with a wind chill at negative 2 or something like that,” J.T .Brubaker said.

“Well it’s always an advantage for pitchers because they get to stand on a hill and throw a tiny little ball at you and you have to hit it but like if you get jammed as a hitter and it’s cold it really hurts so pitchers always have the advantage but definitely just the weather how it feels they have control we’re reacting off of them,” Cole Tucker said.

“Being down in Florida for Spring Training you know obviously it’s warm it’s sunny, it’s a little bit different than the snow that we’ve had here but it’s all part of it you know you’re going to go up north you know it’s kind of what you’re going to have to acclimate to but it’s all the start of the season you know we’re still excited it doesn’t change anything we’re still going to go out there and play, you know it’s actually cool to kind of experience something a little different, that being said we could use some nice weather,” Brandon Waddell said.

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