Charging On: Bedford Track Runner doesn’t use disability as crutch


You ever have one of those days where you feel like you’re just a step behind.

Now try imagining that happening since the day you were born. For Bedford’s Davis Crowley, that’s reality, but it doesn’t stop his drive to the finish.

“He does have that determination that he wants to get up and try it and the world is not going to stop him,” Holly Gaddy, Davis’ mom, said.

“He likes to go outside the box and do things he probably shouldn’t want to do or should be able to do,” Gaddy said.

But, Crowley doesn’t worry about what he can’t control.

“He doesn’t let his disability stop him at all,” Gaddy said.

Davis suffers from hypotonic cerebral palsy. At the age of three, doctors had to disconnect the right and left half of his brain to stop seizures. IT’s what causes his unique running style, a miracle in itself.

“Davis was never supposed to walk. They told me at a very early age, he wouldn’t be expected to walk, but then when he started to do it, it was unbelievable,” Gaddy said.

Limited by what sports he could play, Davis took to the track.

“I always loved to run,” Crowley said.

He’s not the fastest runner, his condition causes him to fall frequently, but his confidence never wavers.

“I know I’m going to fall during the season but you got to get back up. If you fall down, you got to get right back up,” Crowley said.

His impact on the track team stretches everyday from lane to lane.

“I’ve heard many of our athletes say, ‘I didn’t feel like getting up today.’ But looking at what Davis does and Davis never quits and never refuses to try something new,” Michele Fisher, Bedford’s track and cross country coach, said.

And his team pays it right back.

“It’s not only his team but it’s the teams from the other counties and the coaches that they’re all there at the finish line or they’re making a tunnel. They’re just cheering him on,” Gaddy said.

“It gives me energy and motivation and I’m just at the home stretch and I just push it,” Crowley said.

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