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TGIF… Thank George It’s Friday! Broker George Pisanick is back to celebrate Chocolate Chip Day on May 15th! He has just the drink for the occasion in the video above.

Speaking of chocolate chips and cookies, do you think the smell of fresh baked cookies can sell a home? the team takes a look at what smells sell!

– Thought to leave a positive impression on those who smell it, citrus is a winner when it comes to selling property. – Women have rated lemon number one in the mood boosting stakes- Studies have even shown lemon helps relieve stress.

-Another great scent for selling property, pine may come as a surprise to many…largely because the fragrance from this evergreen coniferous trees has been misused in poor quality cleaning products over the years. However, if you can find a good pine scent to fill your home with you’ll be onto something. Research has shown that walking through a pine-filled wood can promote feelings of well-being, and emulating that emotion is perfect for viewing day.

– While you’ll want prospective buyers to get excited about your property, you’ll also want them to remain calm during the viewing so they can take in all the details of your home…this is where jasmine can play a role. – Thought to be one of the most calming scents available, jasmine is highly underrated when it comes to property viewings, but it’s one that works.

– Like pine, the scent of cinnamon can evoke memories of wintery evenings spent by the fire, but it also has therapeutic properties, too. –  – Thought to reduce irritability and drowsiness, this spice can relax muscles and increase circulation when used for aromatherapy. – When it comes to selling homes, however, it’s simply the feeling of goodwill a few strategically placed cinnamon sticks will bring that’ll work in your favour.

– Although vanilla has become synonymous with everything boring, unconventional, and normal, its scent still works wonders in the home. The sweet fragrance of vanilla is thought to help relieve stress and anxiety, offering a calming environment that could make your home feel like an oasis for anyone viewing multiple properties that day.

DETAILS:  $149,000 – Nice 2 story home in Roaring Spring. This home is a 3 bedroom one full bath with laundry on the first floor . Large eat-in kitchen with a walk out to the back yard .Living room and an office or bonus room attached. A covered patio for outside entertainment and a large 2 car detached garage .