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Perry Wellington

4.5% Commission!

Perry Wellington Realty is a full service real estate brokerage based in Hollidaysburg with offices around the region. They offer mortgages through Circuit Mortgage, real estate for buyers and seller, as well as, a real estate training school. Plus, they only take 4.5% commission! For more information visit Perry Wellington Realty. 

Office Phone Numbers: 
Hollidaysburg: (814) 695-5323 
State College: (814) 273-1446 
Johnstown: (814) 619-0256 
Huntingdon: (814) 251-9725 
Bedford: (814) 310-0099 
Scranton: (570) 309-6136 
Lewistown (717) 363-8631 

First things first. Tidy up. Scan the room or yard for any unnecessary items. 

You want to show the entire space. For perspective, it’s helpful for the viewer to see the doorway. I often find myself tucked into a corner or a room to get my shot. You also want your photos to be level or straightened.  I use the adjacent corner of the room as a guideline to help keep the image level. 

For tight spaces and small rooms sometimes the best angle is in a corner you can’t fit in.  Set your camera or cellphone down, compose your shot,  utilize the self timer so you can step out of the room.  You can also use the ‘set and self timer’ method  as a way to ensure your photos won’t be blurry from motion. Use a tripod if you can but, if you don’t have one or the space doesn’t allow it…remember to hold as steady as possible. I achieve this by slowly exhaling as I’m taking the shot. 

As for lighting, natural is always better! As a photographer I would love to live in properties I am photographing and just wait for the sun to hit each room just the right way. The ability to do that is a huge advantage. The more light the better! Extra lighting may come in handy. You can use work lights from the garage or flood lights. Try bouncing the light on the ceiling or an off camera wall to evenly spread the light, instead of pointing it directly at a wall or fixture. 

Get different angles of each space. From the child’s perspective, get down on the ground. For the adult’s perspective take the photo from eye level and for the giant’s view, stand on a chair. Most importantly think of the good times, the sweet moments, the joy and love that was shared in each room as you photograph them. That will absolutely translate and MAKE your photos! 

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