Perry Wellington 4.5 Halloween Special – Scary Home Invaders, Creepy Crawlers

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Halloween is a time for creepy crawly spooky things and you may have some in your house right now and not even know it!

Your best scare tactic
: If you hear the chilling squeal of bats in your attic, you must first determine how they are getting into your home. Look for brown or black stains (a telltale oil deposit from their fur) around suspected entry points near your roof. Once you’ve found their way in, you can install bat cones, which are like small, slippery funnels. “These allow the bat to fly out of your house, just not come back in,” says Ron Harrison, PhD, an entomologist for Orkin, which offers pest-control services around the world.’

Your best scare tactic: You’ve heard it before, but it bears repeating: Keep a clean house and regularly take out your trash. But you should also take protective measures outside your home as well.    Roaches love wet, dark places to breed, keep bushes and plants trimmed at least a foot away from your home, to allow for more airflow around your foundation. OR – hire an exterminator…. because over the counter sprays don’t kill cockroach eggs.

Your best scare tactic: Since bedbugs are master hitchhikers that can follow you home from even the swankiest hotel, store your luggage in your attic or garage—not next to your bed. If you suspect you’ve got bedbugs—as evidenced by welts on your body—check your mattress for insects the size of apple seeds. If you find any, don’t mess around, advises Harrison. You need professional help not only to get rid of the bedbugs can you see, but the larvae that have yet to mature.

Your best scare tactic: Make sure your windows and door sweep are sealed, and caulk up any cracks that make good entry points for arachnids. Spray a few drops of peppermint oil mixed with water on windowsills, to deter other spiders from coming inside. To vacate anything that is lurking around now, vacuum your entire house, especially in dark corners and under furniture, then promptly dispose of the bag outside your home. Locating and getting rid of any other bugs in your home—which spiders feed on—will also help.

Your best scare tactic: Storing firewood away from your home will help keep termites at bay. But keep this in mind: “In some parts of the country, the question isn’t whose house termites will go after, but when,” Good news is… termites tend to like warmer climates better, but there are still termites in Pennsylvania.  (Alaska’s the only U.S. state that’s termite-free.) 

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