GOP Governor Candidate Doug Mastriano is facing backlash, despite being the race’s frontrunner. Political experts and politicians on both sides of the aisle are weighing in.

Mastriano is about as far right for a candidate for Pennsylvania Governor as the Republicans in Pennsylvania could hope to find. That’s according to Dr. Joe Morris, a senior political analyst at Mercyhurst University.

“Right now, being far right means you are a supporter of Donald Trump. Republicans are looking at what happened in 2020 and they are asking themselves ‘If we nominate this guy, the likelihood that we are going to win the election against a Democrat in November is very slim,'” said Dr. Joe Morris, senior political analyst.

Morris added that the Republican party is trying a last ditch effort to bring some sanity to the nomination.

“They want a candidate that is as strong as possible to face off against Shapiro in November,” Morris said.

Josh Shapiro is the lone Democratic candidate for Pennsylvania Governor.

“Well, I let the Republicans comment on their own party, but it seems pretty clear from all the public polling and all the information that we have that Doug Mastriano is poised to be their nominee. What is clear is that there are stark differences between he and I,” said Josh Shapiro, Democratic Candidate for Governor.

Republican Erie County Councilman Brian Shank said when you are in first place out of the gate, there are going to be haters.

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“The haters are going to hate for whatever reason they are. Doug is a leader. He has given 30 years to our country as a full-bird colonel. He is used to people hating and that is fine. He just shrugs it off and we are just going to drive on,” said Brian Shank, Erie County Councilman.