The Straub Brewery is the third oldest in country and the company says its success is tied to the St. Marys community and they recently got a chance thank the residents for their support.

They recently held a Red, White, and Brew party and summer kickoff for their latest beers. The family of beer makers is now in its fifth generation. 

The first, Peter Straub, came from Germany and started brewing in 1872. His great, great grandson is now at the helm.

“We’re a brewing family. Making beer is what we do. Making beer is who we are,” said William Brock, President and CEO of Straub Brewery Inc.

Straub beer is mostly found in Pennsylvania but expansion plans are in the works. Over the next year, they’re putting in a tap room and they’ll start serving food.

They want everyone to learn what St. Marys residents already know.

“The way we maintain our reputation is very much as the same as we maintain our beer,” said Straub. “We call it beer honestly fresh. We’re honest, independent.”

Right now there is an explosion of people who love craft beers and Straub is making sure they have the beers that are hot in the market place.

“I think in this market they way you stay competitive is making a very good product at any expense and that’s what we do.”

A.J. Alexander, one of the regional sales manager, says their latest Adventure Series is getting a great response.

“Our commitment to quality of second to none. When you bring them one, they are really impressed. Blown away,” Alexander said.

Straub has also become a partner for local tourism expansion. On each bottle of the Adventure Series you’ll find GPS coordinates leading you to iconic locations in the PA Wilds.