If you live in St. Marys chances are you’ve been to an event at the park or the public pool. The parks and recreation commission is one of the most successful programs in the state.

They have a dynamic director. Jason Schreiber is an area teacher and coach.

“Our goal every year, I sit at the beginning of summer and say what’s something different this year we can do to attract new people into the park,’ said Schreiber.

20-year-old Jacob Fritz is one of the dozen workers that bring the events to life, like human foosball. These are events that you don’t have to sign up for. Just grab a team and join the fun.

He said inclusion is key and it’s a great way to combat bullying in schools.

“We tell the kids it is not all about winning,” Fritz said. In a pickup game of basketball it is about having fun and interacting with other kids they might not talk to. So building those friendships with out kids is a lot of what we focus on.”

And what they’re doing here is so popular that in a town of about 10,000 people about 2,500 take part in the fun.

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