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If you’re looking for a new adventure, you may want to try Geocaching. The hands-on scavenger hunt can help you discover parts of Pennsylvania you may have never been before.
Some folks in Clearfield County said searching for caches is something they do regularly.
Avid Geocacher, Annette Roy, said “Pennsylvania is the most beautiful state that I have ever seen. So much to see. So much history and caching has taken us there.”
Geocaching is a high-tech scavenger hunt. You’ll need a GPS or a cell phone, and the “caches,” which you can download at
You then have the ability to follow coordinates to where “X” marks the spot.
“Once you find it, you’ll find a container; a lock in lock plastic container, a military ammo can. Sometimes they are little key holders in a guard rail.  All of them have a log book in it and or a log paper. And you will sign your name,” Roy said.
Once you’ve found a cache, you can log it on your computer and earn a “smiley.”
Roy said she has collected more than 3,200 caches and likes that she can enjoy the adventure with her family.
“When we take our grandchildren with us they literally shake when we’re close because we will show them the GPS, which will show them a compass. And on that compass it’ll say 12 feet, 10 feet as you get closer and closer,” Roy said.
7-year-old, Ayden Roy said it’s all about strategy and “the secret is you have to look on everything until you find one.”
Just off a beaten path in Clearfield, Scott Brubaker told us he hid a cache of his own.
Brubaker said if you follow the coordinates, you’ll reach a historic spot, home to a memorial built by railroad laborers to honor those who died on the job.
“I put a just lock and lock container like you would buy to put some leftovers in your store. We always look for something that’s water tight and then we paint them to try to fit in the environment there, make them harder to see,” Brubaker said.
Brubaker has been Geocaching for 15 years and said he doesn’t plan on stopping any time soon.
“Not until I go to my grave. I’ll probably go to my grave with my GPS in hand, so you’ll always be able to find me,” Brubaker said.
Think you might want to get in on the fun? Visit for more information.

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