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One of the most unique parks of Clearfield County tells the tale of a man who is fascinated by Bigfoot, successfully battled cancer, and wanted to make a memorial for his beloved dog.

The Bigfoot crossing sign in Clearfield means you’re entering Elliot’s Park. The sign and park was dreamed up by Carol Turner and John Crissman.

John and many others say they’ve seen a real Bigfoot around here over the years. So, when he built elliot’s park for the community,  he made it a kind of mascot, and got a costume for fun.

11 years ago, diagnosed with stage four cancer, John Crissman lost part of his jaw.  Carol, his loving partner of 25 years says as crazy as it sounds,  wearing the costume helped him be normal again.

She says,”he just has a way about him with everybody, little kids, elderly, he knows how to talk to people, interact.  Put a bigfoot costume on and it just elevates his likability.”

Elliot was John’s chocolate lab who died during his recovery.

He doesn’t like to dwell on the tough times, his eight percent chance of survival, or what he used to look like.

John says, “it’s tough but you can’t feel sorry. Just have to pull bootstraps up, and go after it you know.”

His story, and his spirit, have had an impact on the town.

James Schell, the Clearfield Mayor, told us, “John’s gone through some tough medical times. He kind of threw himself into this. This park has become an attraction for this area, town. People visit. It’s just one of those stories where one guy has truly made a big difference.”

Don’t miss the chance to catch Elliot’s Park in Clearfield, and learn about the man inside the bigfoot costume.

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