Young Irish dancers don’t let coronavirus ruin their St. Patricks Day


(CBS) — A group of young Irish dancers got some disappointing news when all their performances and competitions were canceled.

Seventeen-year-old McKayla Boyd is still dancing.

Her studio is closed, and her performances called off even her team’s trip to Ireland for the Irish Dance World Championship got canceled.

It was emotional; it was sad. We all worked so hard, and to not be able to go, it was really hard,” said McKayla Boyd: Irish Dancer.

But it hasn’t stopped her. Now, McKayla’s dance studio is her living room, her mom LuAnn, who’s also her instructor, is teaching a class just eight feet away in the kitchen by teleconference.

“I want to see good splits today, put your leg in front of you,” said Boyd.

It’s a way to keep dancing and keep this small business alive.

“We love these kids so much, but also our business right now depends on this we’re canceling classes, but we still have to pay rent,” said LuAnn O’Rourke.

These dancers don’t know when they’ll be able to meet up in person like this again, but sitting still for the next few weeks was never an option.

“I think they were just happy to have something to do today with their community,” said O’Rourke.

It’s not a perfect solution; the video and music still don’t sync up completely, but it’s one way these young dancers can keep their feet moving and their spirits up.

“Just seeing everyone saying hi,” said Boyd.

“It’s very nice to just put on your shoes and just do it in a group setting,” said Boyd.

And to show that the coronavirus can’t stop people from doing what they love.

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