CBS NEWSPATH — The London Tex-Mex joint called D Grande started as a craving. Founder Richard Burghardt says, “There’s like a little bit of Mexican food, some of it is good, but there’s not a single Tex-Mex restaurant anywhere. As someone that’s lived in Texas their whole life, that’s not something I was ready to accept.”

The Texas native and his wife Ashley moved to London for other jobs, but when they couldn’t find that certain taste of home, they opened D Grande – or Big D – as in Dallas, in 2020.

Ashley says, “We would have Texans during the height of the pandemic times that would come to the restaurant and literally there would be people crying as they eat Queso cause they’re like, ‘I haven’t been able to get home.'” “Obviously crying about Queso is a bit of an over-reaction,” jokes Richard, “but it was touching.”

Richard says it took some time to teach the Brits about the new cuisine. “There was definitely some kinda of educating about what this is that had to happen. Tex-Mex isn’t Mexican food.”

D Grande is part of the buffet of American restaurants popping up across the UK. From fast food joints like Popeyes and Wendy’s, with plans to open hundreds of new locations, to mom and pop shops.

But introducing customers to something new and unique, like the queso D Grande is known for, can still be a bit tricky. “Sometimes they don’t order it so we bring them a sample anyways and then they usually love it because it’s good!,” Richard says.

The hallmark of a good place is repeat customers. Sophia Lamb is one of them. She says, “I love tacos, I love this place, we live in the area, so, yeah, were gonna keep coming back and here’s my guac.” Ordering ‘guac’ means they’re even getting the lingo down. Now that’s a real takeover.

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American restaurants aren’t the only ones taking over. Brits are also developing an American sweet tooth. The UK’s busiest shopping street, Oxford Street, is home to more than 30 U.S. candy stores.