Woman’s quilts help 1 October survivors feel the support


The Vegas Strong Resiliency Center says one of the most requested items from survivors are quilts. Several were specially made for survivors and raffled off last year. It was such a hit, the center brought it back.

“According to my husband, I have an expensive hobby,” said Maria Iavazzi, quilter.

She has been quilting for nearly 20 years.

“It makes me happy,” she said.

Maria has an eye for design.

“Las Vegas is not green therefore we put green,” she said.

Behind each color and pattern is also a message.

“This one has calming blue.”

She’s made quilting her business, but many of her quilts are given to complete strangers.

“They asked me for one. I made four. I couldn’t stop.”

She spent about a month making the quilts for survivors of 1 October. She puts just as much care into what you see on the front and what you feel on the back.

This is your hug. When you put this on, this is what the warmth, comfort of a total stranger making you feel their love,” Iavazzi said.

“This is the hug,” said quilter Maria Iavazzi.

It’s a blanket she hopes will give support and love and a message — stitched across the middle — that we are Vegas Strong.

“This is us and were not just all about the bright lights. We are about heart and what’s important to us, and we are Vegas Strong.”

The center received more than 100 quilts this year and interest from more than 500 survivors. The labels were also donated by Dutch Label Shop out of Philadelphia.

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