Why no Army Women?

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(WTAJ/KTHV) — A young girl is reaching out to toy companies, after discovering there are no female toy soldiers.

Marlissa Goldsmith reports on how she is taking a stand with her families full support.

6-year-old Vivian Lord is your typical kid.

Playing good guys versus villain by day and changing the world by night.

Remember she’s only six, but she insists just because things have always been done this way doesn’t mean it’s right.

“I’ve been wanting to have girl army men, but there’s no girl army men, so it’s kinda weird,” said Vivian Lord: Six years old.

“And I was kind of embarrassed because I honestly had never thought of it,” said Brittany Lord: Vivians Mother.

The disheartening discovery sparked a conversation between Vivian and her mom, Brittany.

“That’s when we kind of talked about it and talked about making a change.”

So she wrote a letter holding nothing back.

Don’t be fooled by her size; she’s wise beyond her years.

“I was like I never really thought of that,” said Jackson Lord: Vivians Brother.

With her nine-year-old brother Jackson on board, she mailed off her letters to two toy companies that make toy soldiers.

I reached out to them. Calls to the one in Jacksonville, Florida, haven’t been returned. But I spoke with the president of J Lloyd International in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. He told me plans of female army figures in the future have actually been discussed – they just have to figure out a way to get retailers to support.

“So often our kids are the ones that teach us I feel like and this was one of those moments,” said Brittany.

A childhood lesson in determination.

“I think she is gonna make girl army men an actual toy,” said Jackson.

That grown-ups could learn a lot from.

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