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(WTAJ) — On Monday, March 23, Governor Tom Wolf’s order to shut down the physical locations of all non-life-sustaining businesses started to be enforced by local and state officials.

State Troopers subsequently released data on actions taken against 27 non-life-sustaining businesses that failed to comply with the governor’s order.

So, as of Tuesday, March 24, what types of businesses are open and closed? We have compiled a list of both.

Businesses that Governor Wolf considers to be life-sustaining, and therefore open:

  • Restaurants: Open for curbside pickup and delivery
  • Food stores and Pharmacies: All stores selling food and medicine remain open.
  • Alcohol and Spirits: Beer distributors can stay open.
  • Other: Stores that sell products for repair, such as hardware and general stores, remain open. Laundry mats are open.
  • Auto: Tire and repair shops remain open.
  • Finance Services: Banks and insurance agencies can stay open.
  • Health Services: All healthcare services are allowed to remain open.
  • Transportation: Any and all necessary public transportation remains open.
  • Manufacturing: All food, beverage, paper and chemical manufacturers are considered essential to life and remains open.
  • Mining and Extraction: All coal, oil and gas operations are allowed to stay open.

Businesses that Governor Wolf considers to be non-life-sustaining, and therefore closed:

  • Restaurants and bars: closed for all dine-in services.
  • Alcohol and Spirits: All liquor stores are considered non-essential and must close.
  • Construction: No construction operations except for in cases of emergency repairs.
  • Other: All retail, such as clothing stores, must be closed.
  • Auto: Car dealerships are closed.
  • Finance Services: Investment agencies and in-person insurance sales and brokerages are closed.
  • Transportation: Transportation geared towards sightseeing is closed.
  • Manufacturing: Non-essential products such as garment and textile manufacturers are closed.

The full Industry Operation Guide can be viewed below

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