What’s new for the Grange Fair Health initiative this year


When you think of a county fair you think of the food, livestock and rides, right?

All of that is still at the Grange Fair, but this year they’re pushing their health initiative.

Sandy Seibert lives in North Carolina now, but says after growing up in Centre Hall and still having family here, she comes back every year, never missing a single fair.

“It’s just something I’ve always done, and I feel like I will do it until I’m no longer on this planet,” Seibert, said.

Friday, like every year, she participated in the one mile, Mount Nittany Fitness walk.

“I noticed that a lot of grandparents are getting the younger kids involved in it, because every year there seems to be more younger kids involved in it, which is a good thing, because I don’t think younger kids get enough exercise.,” Seibert, said.

There will be the usual fitness classes, farm to table exhibit, health fair and aging bingo at Grange Fair, but this year they’ve added YMCA fitness classes, to encourage families to live a healthy lifestyle.

“They’re doing a boot camp this year and they are focusing some days on youth,” Darlene Wolf-Confer, General Manager for Centre County Grange Fair, said.
“A variety of different exercises, just all focusing on getting some additional exercise,” said.

For the first time the fair has also devoted a page to the health initiative on their website.

Sandy says she is running in the fair’s 5k Saturday and wants to do a personal best.

“I want to challenge myself to see if I can do 3.1 miles all at the same time,” Seibert, said.

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