What to know about carbon monoxide as you starting using heating systems

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It’s getting colder and that means the furnaces are starting to come on, which raises the threat of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Grant Rosenberger, Managing Partner at Ace Hardware of State College, says this year has been no different than others, when it comes to colder weather means more carbon monoxide detectors are sold.

“I attribute that to people thinking about it as they’re turning their furnaces on and I think the fire departments do an excellent job of really making public awareness and so I think that drives some of those sales as well,” Rosenberger, said.

They have some that talk and dual detectors.

“One of the biggest causes of carbon monoxide poisoning is a plugged flu or chimney if you will,” Scott Breon, Chief for Gregg Township Fire Company, said.

Gregg Township Fire Chief Scott Breon says only installing carbon monixide detectors isn’t enough, there’s more you can do to keep your family safe.

“Making sure that your main heating system is cleaned up every year, cleaned out and make sure that you have proper ventilation through your chimney,” Breon, said.

This detector tells you the danger level for “parts per million”, the measurement for amount of carbon monoxide in the air.

Without a carbon monoxide detector Rosenberger says you may not realize the symptoms until it’s too late.

“You know you might start to feel a headache, feel tired, those are some of the warning signs, that maybe there’s high levels of carbon monoxide in a home or in a room,” Rosenberger, said.

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