Weekend car explosion ruled murder suicide


Allentown Police Department released new details Thursday about a deadly car explosion that killed 3 people, including a two-year-old boy.

In a news conference Thursday morning ATF special agent Don Robinson said the Allentown Police Department received 4 letters written by Jacob Schmoyer, 26, who was killed in the explosion. The letters indicated that Schmoyer intentionally made homemade explosives to kill himself, his two year old son and his 66-year-old friend.

“The one letter to the Allentown Police Department was very specific as far as the components and the materials used and the construction of the device, of the explosive device. All the letters indicated that Mr. Schmoyer was to blame,” Robinson said, then added “He took blame for it and the first two letters that we received indicated that he intended to target Mr. Halman, and then in one of the other letters, we were able to confirm that he intended to take his son with him also.”

The letters also indicated Schmoyer was not happy with his life, and admitted to other criminal acts and the desire not to live. 

Robinson said Schmoyer sent letters to his family members as well.

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