WATCH: Man who nearly died reunites with the woman who rescued him


FAIRFAX, Va. (WDVM) — Thursday was an emotional day for one survivor and the woman who saved his life.

Robert Feden a cardiac arrest survivor expresses his gratitude saying, “When you get older you get more emotional, so this was an emotional time for me.”

As Feden tried to hold back tears he was overwhelmed by the many people who played a part in saving his life. One woman said God gave her a sign to help him.

Virginia Hilliard, his rescuer said, “It wasn’t me that saved you I had help from above, I had help from each side and wherever the other gentleman was and the prayers of love. Love gathered for someone many many may have not known with prayers and well wishes you were never alone.”

Hilliard saved Feden’s life after he suffered a cardiac arrest in June of last year while delivering a eulogy. Hilliard performed CPR for six minutes until medics arrived. Feden said he doesn’t remember much of that day.

“I’m told I died at least three times. So in my quest for the white light, you guys kept disturbing me, I never saw it, it’s a good disturbance,” Feden said.

Although the room was filled with members who celebrated Feden’s life, he said he doesn’t want the focus to be on him but instead on the people who saved him.

“The doctor from the emergency stated very clearly that I was lucky and I say no it had nothing to do with luck it was skill and it was professionalism and it was time,” Feden said.

In the room filled with family, friends, and those who saved his life, the fire chief for Fairfax County called the names of those who played a part turning what could have been a tragic day around. Calling William Kite, Samuel Porter, and Alejandro to stand.

As Feden soon celebrates his 79th birthday, he reflects on how important knowing CPR is and how life is precious.

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