Waitress no longer homeless after big tip


Krystal Kramer said she was officially homeless on Dec. 18th, 2016.

She said she works two jobs, one of which is at Pizza Hut, but she didn’t tell many people about her situation.

“I’m a very independent person and I don’t like to ask for help,” Kramer said.

She said she was trying to rent an apartment but didn’t have the cash for a deposit.

But on Jan. 4th, 2017,  she said two customers gave her hope.

Kramer said it wasn’t her table, one of her co-workers was serving the two men and they had asked if she wanted the rest of their pizza because they weren’t going to finish it.

“They were going somewhere I don’t know where. And she said no and she asked me and I’m sitting at our waitress station,” Kramer said, “and i was like yeah, I’m homeless, I’ll take some pizza.”

She said it was an act of kindness she never expected.

“I was very grateful that I could eat that night,” Kramer said.

But then she said the two men went a step further.

 “I heard my waitress friend say ‘Well God bless you,,,’ and she handed me the receipt. And she was like and this is for you,” Kramer said.

It was a tip for $558.33, enough for Kramer to put down for her apartment.

“It would have been rock bottom for me if i wouldn’t have got that tip,” Kramer said.

From there, Erik Bittner, owner of the Somerset Pizza Hut, heard about Kramer’s story.

He said his stores have a fund employees voluntarily contribute to each month, and from that he was able to give Kramer enough for first month’s rent.

“It was a fund we created because we have that need that comes up every so often and it’s nice for them to help each other out,” Bittner said.

Kramer said this financial relief is all thanks to two pizza loving people. 

“I would start off by saying thank you very much for your generosity…That tip absolutely changed my life…And thank Pizza Hut for their generosity for helping me. Because they really did step up,” Kramer said.

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