CLEARFIELD COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) – The Clearfield County Commissioners came to a tentative agreement with the Teamsters for prison guard wages.

The agreement will raise starting wages from $10.89 to $15.

Part of this pay raise will also include yearly raises. The first year will include a $2 raise followed by $1 then 80 cents. Those who were hired in this fiscal year will also receive the wage boost. The changes in pay also come with changes to pension and the health care plan.

“Look it is a little bit of a gamble from our side, I think it is, but it’s a gamble worth taking because we know we have to do something with the wages. I think this board has been clear about that from the beginning that we knew we had to get more competitive but on the flip side, I can tell you as an old insurance guy this is the best health care plan I’ve seen in years,” Clearfield County Commissioner Dave Glass said.

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This wage increase agreement comes after employees were failing to show up to work. Even though there is no direct correlation between people not showing up to work and problems with the pay they are hoping this issue is resolved with the new deal.