Volunteers renovate at risk girls shelter

150 volunteers from the State College Presbyterian Church were in and out of the Stormbreak girl’s shelter in just over 30 hours, giving it a major facelift.
“Right after the girls went to school we took over the house like a hoard of locusts and we worked until 10 o’clock last [Friday] night and started again first thing this [Saturday] morning,” said project coordinator Sharon Ambrose.
The walls have a fresh coat of paint, new furniture and mattresses were moved in, too.
“Oh it’s gorgeous. It’s gorgeous. The bedrooms are gorgeous, we have new floors a downstairs bathroom that we have totally refurbished and made beautiful,” said Theresa Kieffer the Senior Program Director at Centre County Youth Service Bureau. “It’s so cozy and wonderful theres just so much in there, again beyond words.”
Kieffer says she’s grateful for the volunteers’ dedication.
“They’re putting in all the hard work often when you get a volunteer group they may need us to organize it and this church has organized every moment and all I’ve had to do watch the change and formation and that has been absolutely wonderful,” said Kieffer.
Church members hope when the girls come back that they feel all the hard work and love as soon as they walk right in the door. 
“Make them feel the love that we put into the house for them and I hope that our positive energy and our love will fill this house for years to come,” explained Ambrose. 
The volunteers left behind a special memento to mark their work. 
“It’s a tree canvas and all of the volunteers have signed a leaf and it’s going to be hung hopefully in the foyer of the project,” explained Ambrose. “So they’ll know all the people that really cared about them.”
The project came with a 20 thousand dollar price tag and was funded by the State College Presbyterian Church. 

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